If you write, you need a proof reader

dreamstime_m_25718834 (2)No matter how helpful your friends are, or how good your English is, I would never send a book to print without giving it to a proof reader first.

This week, Flourishing Across the Spectrum came back from our ninja proof reader. I thought it was perfect. It wasn’t. There were grammatical errors, dashes instead of hyphens, irregular spacing, incorrect use of capitals and commas. The point is that mistakes will not only irritate your reader, but also cast doubt on your credibility. You don’t want to do that, do you?

If you’re not confident about your ability, hiring a proof reader for smaller things like blogs will soon help you find out how many mistakes you are making. It’s an easy way to proof readingset your mind at rest.

Our proof reader has an excellent eye for detail. Sometimes she has availability, so if you would like to hire her to check out your work, contact me and I’ll put you in touch.

By the way, a proof reader is not the same as a copy editor. A proof reader will check your work in detail, marking errors and highlighting anything that doesn’t make sense.  The content of your work won’t be changed. If you’ve written a yawningly dull article, you’ll still have that. A copy editor will help you turn it into a persuasive, readable piece – but won’t check every last detail. If your work is important, you need both.

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