If you write, you need a copy editor

Copy editorWhen you write, your words will make perfect sense to you – but it’s not always so easy for the reader to follow your train of thought. After all, they can only see your words, not inside your head.

Words on the page are a raw product. They maybe more than the ingredients for a meal, but they are certainly not fine dining. That takes precision, care, order, skill, as well, of course, as the very best ingredients.

Is it worth the investment? Of course it is. A book should not go to print without a copy editor giving it the once over. You want your work to shine and be the best it can be; there is nothing worse than readers discounting your thoughts because they see errors book old openor get confused. The same goes for your blogs and marketing copy. You’ll learn a lot in the process, so that your writing improves along the way.

When one of our authors needs a copy editor, we use Jeremy, the Oxford Word
  He’ll trim and style your tangled
documents. We’ll happily put you in touch, or do have a browse of his website.

Don’t be mediocre, there is enough of that around already. Be great.

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