Mentoring your Apprentice

Many years ago, I was training a group of rather belligerent transport managers who were unhappy about being told they were mentoring young apprentices.  Arms were folded and faces set in stone. Training obviously had a pretty bad reputation in their neck of the woods. When I asked them what they wanted from the day, [...]

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Motivating Others

Motivating others is often a challenge.  Some people need more praise and support than others, some are self starters  while others  always need clear instructions. Then there always seems to be someone on the team who doesn't respond the same as the others, and often you're not quite sure why. There is no 'quick fix'  [...]

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Influencing and Persuading

Influencing and  persuasion are key skills  in business if we are to meet our goals. “The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions.”  said John Hancock, an American Politician, which echoes Abraham Lincoln's words:  “If you wish to win a man over to your ideas, first make him your friend.”  Times [...]

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Do we still need assertiveness in the workplace?

Let's face it, assertiveness is hard. Even when we know what to say or how to act, chances are that sometimes we're not brave enough to do it, or we don't want to stir up a reaction. The result is that sometimes we feel put upon because we didn't speak out, or we bottle it [...]

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It’s a Nice Day for a Coaching Conversation!

“Can you come and do some training on coaching skills for our managers?” “Sure” I said. “Tell me a bit more about what you want” “Well… we want something a bit different. We’re bored with the usual model” I like a challenge, especially when it involves training techniques. I began to research different coaching models [...]

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To the life raft!  How to manage your team through uncertainty

What does the current situation we find ourselves in mean for you as a line manager or team leader? How do you manage your team through uncertain times? I tweeted this a couple of weeks ago: “It seems that change no longer means navigating safely to the new shore – it’s just clinging to the [...]

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The Extra Mile

Do you organise events for local businesses?Would you like to offer them a presentation that adds real value? We can bring you a thought provoking half hour that uses stories and acting combined with the latest research that will show business owners and managers how to get their people to go The Extra Mile.Your audience will: [...]

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“Here’s my resignation” – A true story

The phone rang, and a tired sounding woman said she’d been given my number as someone who maybe able to help. I asked what the problem was. She told me her company had a neglected team of trainers; the training manager had left six months ago, and they had struggled to recruit a replacement. They [...]

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So you don’t do small talk? Maybe you should

So you don’t do small talk? You have no need for inconsequential trivia? I’m sure you’d rather deal in the important stuff of life. I hear this quite often. I’m sure the perpetrators don’t intend to take the moral high ground, yet it feels like that sometimes.  Let me tell you this: If you have no [...]

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Being asked for help? Here’s six ways you can respond

People coming to us for advice is a normal part of life. They might be asking questions, wanting solutions or guidance on how to sort something out. Have you ever thought about the ways you can respond? One thing is for sure – there is not a ‘one size fits all’ way of responding to [...]

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What does success look like in your organisation?

I was asked recently to run a couple of sessions for HR students  on success in organisations.  I asked them to identify ‘What good looks like’ in their own companies – always a useful exercise, as we are usually much better at pointing out the short comings than recognising the good! Unsurprisingly they quickly identified [...]

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Are you sure you want to give that feedback?

We all have to give feedback from time to time – or do we? In my experience, it’s common to feel that you ‘have’ to tell someone something that has come to your attention. What is a lot less common, is taking the time to think what will be gained from giving the feedback. Yes, [...]

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Harvesting People Skills – How have yours grown?

Reaping what you sow  September is a lovely month. Somehow it combines new beginnings (we never forget the new school year!) with abundance and fruitfulness – the harvest that feeds us for the rest of the year. We may be a long way past school age, but you don’t need me to tell you that [...]

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Mentoring Skills

This month Business Executive magazine have published my article on mentoring skills, which talks about the importance of the first meeting. Mentoring is growing rapidly in popularity as an effective method of developing talent, and has been taken on board by many successful organisations. Mentoring Skills If you would are interested in developing mentoring skills, [...]

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Manager magazine say “Well worth the read”

Manager magazine, which is the magazine of The Institute of Administrative Management, have reviewed Face to Face in the Workplace. They say: “Very reader friendly..very practical…  overall a comprehensive handbook that is instructive and well  structured. Well worth the read for even the most experienced manager.” The full review is here: […]

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Where you can buy Face to Face in the Workplace

I've been asked where else you can buy Face to Face in the Workplace besides Amazon, so here is an overview: You can buy it at Spring Publishing, where you can pay with Paypal. It is in stock at BooksandInk at White Lion Walk, Banbury, if you like to support small, independent businesses. If you [...]

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Guardian Careers – The Art of Delegation

The Art of Delegation: A How To Guide was  published in Guardian Careers today. You can read the full article here Make no mistake, you can make or break your success on the management path by the way you delegate. The best managers are surrounded by willing staff who are not only able to get [...]

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ILM ‘Edge’ magazine review Face to Face in the Workplace

The ILM's  (Institute of Leadership and Management') magazine, Edge, have given Face to Face in the Workplace a four star review. ILM Reviewer James Skipp says: ILM Review "Coach and trainer Julie Cooper follows up her bestselling One to One Toolkit with this easy-to-read tome about face-to-face workplace conversations. In practice that means a breezy guide to [...]

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People Development in small companies

When it comes to learning and development, the small business owner or manager often isn't sure where to begin when it comes to people development. Why should they be expected to know? They have a different area of expertise, yet feel they have to cover every area in the business, including how to make sure [...]

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Setting goals? Don’t forget the BMW!

Most of us get involved in some kind of goal setting these days, whether it’s personal or work related. The reasons why have long been known by psychologists; we actually thrive and are happier if we have something to aim for – or so they say! Most of have been taught that goals should be [...]

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Are you jumping to conclusions?

Getting results At work, we are all being driven to get results, to achieve, to succeed – and fast. Some of us have personality styles that thrive in this type of environment – even if we haven’t, we learn to operate this and cope with the pressure. It’s the way of the world. A game [...]

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Why Managers Must Ask Great Questions

What makes a good question? When do we use them? Why does it matter? I believe that a lack of questioning skills is one of the most important skills shortages in managers today. Decision making, productivity and relationships are all affected by our ability to ask great questions at the right time. I'm interviewed here by [...]

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