Leadership for Entrepreneurs

Leadership brings challenges whatever the size of the business. One I often  see is juggling  act of trying to balance the  needs of the people below you with the demands of the board. At least in this situation there can be guidance and direction for above - but what about leadership for the solo [...]

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Mentoring your Apprentice

Many years ago, I was training a group of rather belligerent transport managers who were unhappy about being told they were mentoring young apprentices.  Arms were folded and faces set in stone. Training obviously had a pretty bad reputation in their neck of the woods. When I asked them what they wanted from the day, [...]

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It’s a Nice Day for a Coaching Conversation!

“Can you come and do some training on coaching skills for our managers?” “Sure” I said. “Tell me a bit more about what you want” “Well… we want something a bit different. We’re bored with the usual model” I like a challenge, especially when it involves training techniques. I began to research different coaching models [...]

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Face to Face Workshop Offer

Here’s our Special Spring Offer: We will deliver a complimentary two hour Interpersonal Skills workshop when you buy 20 copies of the highly acclaimed Face to  Face in the Workplace for your staff. What’s in it for you? Face to Face in the Workplace  is designed to make training budgets go further, by helping staff to help [...]

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Being asked for help? Here’s six ways you can respond

People coming to us for advice is a normal part of life. They might be asking questions, wanting solutions or guidance on how to sort something out. Have you ever thought about the ways you can respond? One thing is for sure – there is not a ‘one size fits all’ way of responding to [...]

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Harvesting People Skills – How have yours grown?

Reaping what you sow  September is a lovely month. Somehow it combines new beginnings (we never forget the new school year!) with abundance and fruitfulness – the harvest that feeds us for the rest of the year. We may be a long way past school age, but you don’t need me to tell you that [...]

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Personal Development

Your personal development is important. We can help you: Understand your behavioural style - what makes you unique? Learn to adapt to be better understood Identify where you want to be and how to get there Learn to present yourself with professionalism and enthusiasm Recognise your strengths - and use them!

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