Steering the Mothership

Steering the Mothership: The Complexities of Mothering

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Steering the Mothership provides a fascinating insight into the bond between mother and child.

What if you didn’t get the mother you wanted?  What if you  couldn’t be the mother you wanted to be? The stories in this book search beyond the glossy yummy-mummy images that bombard us every day, illustrating the real-life complexities of motherhood. They help every reader to understand their own journey, both as a child and as a mother and help them investigate the single relationship that affects us most throughout our lives, whether it has been a positive or a negative experience.

Most importantly, from both a personal and professional perspective, Steering the Mothership will help every reader to develop compassion, for themselves and for others.

It is essential reading for anyone working in Early Years Development, Social Work or Education, or simply trying to understand this profound relationship.

“This book gives incredible insight into the human condition without the detachment that can come from academic theory.”

Malcolm Sinclair, Managing Director of Mental Health Bristol (AWP)

“Steering the Mothership is the link we have needed to take through the evidence based theory to understanding the complexity of humanattachment and why it matters.”
Tina Hendry, Trauma Attachment Mentor .

Amazon reviews:

Simply Mighty

Another thought provoking, stirring book from an author who’s approach seems to speak directly to the heart of me.
I rather suspect this is an experience all Lisa Cherry’s readers will echo.
This ability to entwine her own story and journey with that of other women and maintain a thread of gentle guidance and persuasive perspective is truly powerful. Vive The Awareness Revolution!

Highly recommended

“Steering The Mothership” is beautifully written and addresses the complex subject of mothering. Lisa Cherry takes the reader on an intensely personal journey while dealing with the painful issues of separation, loss and trauma following the interruption of mother/child bonding. Lisa includes numerous case studies to highlight and illustrate her points, and though harrowing at times, these studies are fascinating and absorbing. Lisa writes clearly and powerfully and I absolutely recommend her book to the mental health and healthcare professions, to medical students and social workers and to anyone wanting to gain an insight into the important and multi-faceted mother/child relationship. Another brilliant book by Lisa Cherry.

Fantastic, insightful book

Having just read this book in one sitting, I feel an urge to share and recommend this book to anyone who has ever been a mother or had an unconventional experience with their mother.

The subtitle, “The Complexities of Mothering” is almost an under-statement, as Lisa Cherry examines the diverse nature of mother-child experiences, particularly of early trauma and separation. I found that the strength of her words lie in her profound wisdom, the result of a personal broken bond with her own mother, and the way in which she guides the reader into acceptance, understanding and healing.

After a powerful introduction, she sits back and allows her contributors to share their stories, without comment or opinion. In those stories, the reader finds a vast scope of diverse and difficult histories, through the anguish of loss, the incomprehensibility of the emotionally absent mother, the joys and despairs of fostering and the extreme hardships of coming through the care system. Despite this, the adult children telling their stories have a maturity about them that suggest most have now found acceptance and peace within their lives. Their stories suggest a universality of experience that others can draw strength from.

For me, the strongest passage that I have already re-read, was Lisa’s concluding chapters, where she emphasises that whilst we are a product of our experiences, we don’t have to be defined by them, but can take strength in them and use them to build happier lives.

Just simply fabulous

I devoured Steering The Mothership: The Complexities of Mothering in virtually one sitting. I started to explore my own mother/daughter relationship about a year ago and found myself nodding in agreement, crying and laughing along with the author, and the contributors. It was a really fabulous read, is well written, non judgemental and informative.


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