Steering the Mothership Book Launch

If Carling made book launches….

Steering the MothershipI was delighted to have the opportunity to MC this incredible event.  During the planning, I had concerns about how it would all fit together – we were launching a book about mothering at a rehab centre, which somehow involved auctioning art, fundraising, bunting and vintage napkins as well as talks from the author, Lisa Cherry; a contributor, Anne-Marie Cockburn (who has written her own book about losing her daughter, Martha); and  the CEO of the Ley Community, Wendy Dawson. Oh, and some book signing and  a  tour.

A recipe for a Ball of Confusion?

On paper, it looked like a mishmash of not only different ingredients, but also emotions. We were peddling happiness and cakes alongside shedding tears when we heard of Anne-Marie’s tragic loss, as well as stirring up the troops to extract money from them to support the undoubtedly excellent work of The Ley Community. There was the depth of Lisa words about how trauma and disconnect affects us, and me telling people they needed to buy coasters and fudge.

It could have gone askew, except there was one big unifying factor – Lisa Cherry. Lisa paints and writes, and cares passionately for those whose lives have gone astray, knowing that early parenting issues is often a key factor.

What happened was….

It was awesome, in the real sense of the word, not the youth culture version!  It was a rich, provoking experience that did far more than launch a book. I’ve read a couple of comments from people saying they can’t stop thinking about it. there are three blogs already besides this one – I’ll add other links here if I see more.  You can see Lisa’s first  thoughts here. (It starts “Where are my keys? What about the flowers? There’s flowers? Who’s got them? What if no-one comes?”) I had the flowers!

Anne-Marie has uploaded her whole speech, you can see it here She talks about Lisa saying to her ““even if you give up on your dreams, they’ll never give up on you”. 

Many thanks to The Ley Community for letting us use their beautiful premises, and for all their help. I’ll add some pictures when they arrive so that you can see for yourselves. If you were there, do share your thoughts. If you weren’t do read the blogs – and Steering the Mothership – so that you don’t miss out altogether.


by Julie Cooper

Author of Face to Face in the Workplace



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