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What impact has your mother had on you?

‘Steering The Mothership’ by Lisa Cherry is published on Sunday 30th March 2014


Steering the MothershipLisa Cherry’s latest book Steering the Mothership – The Complexities of Mothering will be published on Mothers’ Day (Sunday March 30th) 2014.

This important  book is essential reading for anyone trying to understand this profound relationship, particularly those working with children or families, in Social Work or Education.

The impact of early relationships and trauma continues to resonate throughout our lives. Lisa Cherry knows a thing or two about this. Abandoned by her mother twice – as a newborn baby and again as a twelve year old – she spent her adolescence in care homes, ending up as an alcoholic and homeless. She had joined Alcohol Anonymous by the age of 20. People with experience like Lisa’s fill jails, rehab centres and Social Workers’ case loads.

After 20 years as a Social Worker herself, Lisa is now a successful author, trainer and speaker. Her quest to understand, heal and help others come to terms with their past, as well as campaigning for social reform are gaining her a reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Her third book, Steering the Mothership, tells not only her own story, but also many others, exploring many facets of mothering.  These stories help every reader to understand their own journey, both as a child and as a mother, and help them investigate the single relationship that affects us most throughout our lives, whether it has been a positive or a negative experience.

Most importantly, from both a personal and professional perspective, Steering the Mothership will help every reader to develop compassion, for themselves and for others.

Exceptional reviews are already flooding in: “Steering The Mothership” is beautifully written and addresses the complex subject of mothering. Lisa Cherry takes the reader on an intensely personal journey while dealing with the painful issues of separation, loss and trauma following the interruption of mother/child bonding…” Judith Haire, March 2014

Lisa Cherry was born in 1970 in a home for unmarried mothers in Wrexham. Rebuilding her life after a turbulent adolescence of foster homes, children’s homes and homelessness Lisa now lives in Oxfordshire with her own two children, her husband and rescue dog. (

Editors are invited to interview Lisa Cherry about her new book.

Please  contact Tracey Jefferies on 0776 6755622

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