Flourishing Across the Spectrum

Flourishing Across the Spectrum: The handbook on raising a child with autismFlourishing across the spectrum

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Do you have a child with autism?

Behaviours perceived by others as naughty or rude are often valiant attempts by a child living with autism to express themselves in the only way they know how.

Understanding this is the first step towards adapting to a different parenting approach and this book provides you with the strategies to do this.

There will be challenges along the way: challenges from the environment, from schools, from professionals, from other parents, even from other family members.

‘Flourishing across the spectrum’ addresses these challenges from birth to adulthood, and provides tips and tools for parents to help their child flourish.

It also covers some firsts for the child and their parent: the first time you think there is something different going on, the first conversations with professionals, the first days at school, the first meltdown, the first damaged item, the first injury, the first successes, the first achievements and the first time that you realise a different approach is needed.

This reassuring and helpful book will be valued not only by parents, but also by teachers, nursery and family workers, in fact anyone who comes into contact with autistic children.

There really were many Eureka moments for me and I’m sure for other parents too.’ W. J. Cradduck

Just finished the book. Fantastic. So enlightening.’ Jessica Green


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