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Lisa Cherry

Lisa Cherry Spring Publishing

Lisa was born in 1970 in a home for unmarried mothers in Wrexham, UK. A turbulent adolescence followed; foster homes, children’s homes and the then ‘obligatory care leaver experience’ of being homeless for two years. It culminated in an eventual arrival at an AA meeting at the age of 20.

At the same time as sobriety took hold, Lisa was housed which coincided with being financially supported by a national charity. She was able to go on to University where she studied Sociology and her lifelong passion for people, society and transformation began. Lisa has been sober since her first AA meeting back in 1990.

Lisa  spent over twenty years working with children and families in Social Work, Education and Social Inclusion working with families, young people and individuals in distress.

In February 2010, she embarked upon a new direction of working with individuals, having a sharp focus on awareness, transformation, personal responsibility and healing. Read more…

Bebe Boyse

Bebe BoyesBebe Boyse was born and raised in North Yorkshire, England. She is a single mum to James and throughout her working career has specialised in working with children, young people and families. After completing her Honours degree in Psychology at Plymouth University, Bebe spent two years in New York working with people with mental health problems.

On returning to London in the early 1990s, Bebe set up, ran and was managing director of a supported employment service for people with learning difficulties and disabilities. This was one of the first three in the UK. She then moved on to enable the closure of hospital provision for people with learning disabilities and in doing so specialised in developing the workforce to be equipped to provide inclusive support to people in the community. This time was interspersed with being practice lecturer at Thames Valley University.
The late 1990s and into the 2000s was focused on developing the workforce who supported young people and families.

Since 2013 Bebe has focused on the desire to share her knowledge and experience from her professional career and her parenting experiences with others.
You can follow Bebe Boyse on:

Facebook: Spectrum parenting

Resources available: www.spectrumparenting.net

Email: info@spectrumparenting.net

Julie Cooper

Jules 2 chin

is a trainer, coach and author with  a special interest in helping others develop one to one skills.

She has 20 years consultancy experience, gained through working within a broad range of public and private sector companies.Her background includes adult education and careers advice for adults. She is currently workplace training expert at Unimenta.

Julie has co-authored three books with Ann Reynolds (The One to One Toolkit, The Groupwork Toolkit, The Job Interview Toolkit) and has written two more (Face to Face in the Workplace, Five Steps to Being Heard).

Julie lives near Banbury and has two daughters. She enjoys living in an old cottage with  her husband, a lecturer, a beautiful garden and a rather elegant ginger cat.

To find out more: www.springdevelopment.net  or click here to view her LinkedIn Profile.

Ann Reynolds


worked as a Careers Adviser for many years, working with young people at first and then adults. She has been training advisers for more than ten years, and ran a centre for NVQ and NOCN qualifications in Information, Advice and Guidance. She is now helping City College Peterborough as internal quality assurer for their level 3 and 4 Career Advice and Guidance courses.

Ann has a keen interest in the interview process and believes in continuing to develop her own skills.  Ann lives in Peterborough.

To find out more: www.ann-reynolds.co.uk or click here to view her LinkedIn Profile.


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