New handbook for parents of autistic children

A condition of epidemic proportions

  • In the UK one in every 100 children has this condition; too many to ignore.
  • It is a condition that is plagued with controversy about its causes.
  • It is a condition which is so broad that every child experiences it differently.
  • This condition, of epidemic proportions, is compounded with mis-information and confusion and is set against a backdrop of diminishing public sector resources.

So where does this leave the parents? It leaves them bewildered, confused and overwhelmed. The condition? Autism Spectrum.

 New handbook helps parents of children on the spectrum

Flourishing paperbackstanding2A new book, ‘Flourishing across the Spectrum: the handbook on raising a child with autism’, is released by Spring Publishing on Monday 19th September 2016.

It’s written by Bebe Boyse, whose son James has now found great success in the music industry.

The new handbook takes a parental rather than a clinical approach and addresses the common difficulties that parents face, and provides tips, tools and strategies for parents to effectively support their child.

Included in Flourishing across the Spectrum is the autism spectrum itself, some common indicators, and the first things parents might be worried about. It also discusses the challenges of social situations, the importance of our language, how to cope with sleepless nights, and approaches to understanding what your child is saying through their behaviour. One vital section addresses how to have conversations with professionals, and then looks at the fundamental question of whether to get a formal diagnosis. Flourishing across the Spectrum concludes with the unique challenges of the teenage years and adulthood for someone on the spectrum.

Bebe BoyesAuthor Bebe Boyse has shared the meltdowns, anxiety and trauma that her child has been through as he copes with society today. She also has 27 years experience of working with children, young people, families and professionals. She has an honours degree in Psychology and a post graduate diploma, but most importantly she writes as a parent to James, who is now flourishing as he enters his twenties.

When asked why she had written the book, Bebe said: “I wanted to share my experiences and all I have learnt in the hope that, in some small way, it helps parents and professionals enable each child to flourish, whatever challenges that child faces.”

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