Make an author’s day – leave a book review

Try before you buyHave you read any good books recently?

Did you found a hidden nugget or pearl of wisdom that struck a chord? Did you learn something new? Were you inspired or motivated? Or did you get to  escape into a different place for a few hours?

Don’t keep it to yourself.

Why you should leave a book review

It would really help if you left a review, for two reasons. Firstly, reviews are lifeblood to authors.It’s a really crowded market place out there, with books of all (ahem) types of quality fighting for position. Reviews help authors be seen, lets them know what works, and pretty much tells them that all the hard work was worthwhile.

Also, it lets the likes of Amazon with its uber complicated algorhythms know that the book is still being read. A good review leaves an author glowing for days. Why not spread a little happiness?

Secondly, as a reader, you need to know if a book is right for you. Do you, like me, go to the reviews before you read the publishers blurb? reviews tend to give you a less biased opinion, often with clues that help you decide if this book is for you. If there are no reviews, does it give you second thoughts about buying? It does me.

What to write in a book review

It can be hard to know what to write, so here are some ideas. It doesn’t need to be long, even a short sentence helps. You could:

  • Comment on the language. Is it an easy read, or more challenging? Academic or flowery? Does it sound like your best friend or maiden aunt talking?
  • Say how it made you feel. Yes, you are unique, but it all helps build a body of evidence
  • Say who you think should read the book.
  • Say what you liked best, or touched you the most
  • Give an overview of the content. Does it deliver what it promised?
  • You can agree or disagree with another reviewer

dreamstime_m_25718834 (2)It can help the reader if you say a little about yourself to give  a context, e.g. “As a busy nurse…” is all you need to let others see your perspective.

You’ll notice I’m not encouraging you to give bad reviews, mainly because I don’t want to ruin an author’s day! However, if there are factual things that it would help an author to know, or you feel strongly, then go ahead. Try to word it as constructively as possible so that the author can learn from it.

I challenge you to write a brief review before the end of the day! Go on, make a writer’s day….


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