Lisa Cherry

Lisa Cherry was born in 1970 in a home for unmarried mothers in Wrexham, UK. A turbulent adolescence followed; foster homes, children’s homes and the then ‘obligatory care leaver experience’ of being homeless for two years. It culminated in an eventual arrival at an AA meeting at the age of 20.

At the same time as sobriety took hold, Lisa was housed which coincided with being financially supported by a national charity. She was able to go on to University where she studied Sociology and her lifelong passion for people, society and transformation began. Lisa has been sober since her first AA meeting back in 1990.

Lisa  spent over twenty years working with children and families in Social Work, Education and Social Inclusion working with families, young people and individuals in distress.

In February 2010, she embarked upon a new direction of working with individuals, having a sharp focus on awareness, transformation, personal responsibility and healing. Lisa campaigns tirelessly for social change and is invited to speak at prestigious national conferences. You can find out more about Lisa’s work and The Awareness Revolution

Through all her learning, Lisa has developed a way of working that reflects a unique skill set that was further developed by continued training in the areas of Holistic Health, Reiki and Counselling and Life Coaching.

She has a personal journey in Sobriety and in Recovery of over 20 years and has now written and published two books: Soul Journey, which focuses on recovery and overcoming adversity and The Brightness of Stars, which charts adult voices of those who have been children in the UK care system and has become widely read by students of Social Work, Early Years and Education.  Anyone working with children or wishing to understand children in care on a deeper level would benefit from reading this book.

Lisa’s third book, “Steering The Mothership: The Complexities of Mothering”  is due to be published on 30th March 2014, Mothers Day.

Lisa lives in Oxfordshire with her tolerant husband, her two life-affirming teens and the family’s rescue dog, Lovely Lulu


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