When HR is Robin to Career Advisers’ Batman

This time its personnel When I was asked to contribute to “This Time its Personnel” I took the opportunity to show my support for the expertise of the advice and guidance community.  At the time, I was a tad incensed by a headline saying ‘CIPD urges HR to offer careers advice to schools’. I had already written an article pointing out that it seems to be everyone’s responsibility to give career advice – except for trained Career Advisers.

My view is that it is unwise and irresponsible to try and pass the buck in an attempt to make budget cuts, leaving young people without the help they need to choose their way forward. Of course, HR do have a role to play, and in my chapter I try to explain where they can help and when they should resist attempts to broaden their remit beyond their skills.

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You can hear Julie talk about her chapter, and why she wrote it, in this short clip from the Knowing Your Business Radio Show:

by Julie Cooper

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