Do you help vulnerable young people with interview skills?

I know from experience how challenging it can be to help vulnerable young people develop the confidence and attitude needed to be effective job searchers, particularly when they have so many others challenges to deal with.

Maybe interviews are the hardest part of all, because there is nowhere to hide – no computer screen or friendly adviser to support you.

We publish a little book called The Job Interview TK3 newToolkit. We don’t sell many – after all,  it is a very crowded market – but a regular trickle go out the door.

I sometimes think of discontinuing it but here’s what I’ve noticed – a high proportion of them are being bought by staff working in Young Offenders Institutes,  prisons, and charities working with mental health issues.

I guess there are reasons for this:

  • It is very simple, starting from a level that is accessible and not overwhelming
  • Its tone is friendly and supportive
  • It provides a range of exercises that can be used as group activities in all kinds of settings
  • The simple ‘TAPAS’ framework can be memorised by anyone.

I am, of course, only guessing. If you are using it, we’d love to know how and why. Which exercises work best for you? Are you using it with groups, or in one to one sessions?

If it still a useful resource, we’ll keep publishing it!  You can buy it here. If there is anything else we could do to help, please let me know.


Julie Cooper

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