Is this the most expensive book on Amazon?

Press Release: Is this the most expensive book on Amazon?

We all know that good communication skills are priceless –  but over a billion pounds?  

The One to One ToolkitAuthor Julie Cooper is bemused to find herself with the dubious honour of having what she believes is the most expensive book on Amazon.  The One to One Toolkit, with a cover price of £14.99, is currently listed on Amazon for £1,093,343,256.44

“I know it is just a case of an algorithm gone bananas” says, Julie, who has been watching the price rise over the last few days. “As far as I can tell, this type of madness usually occurs when sellers have set software to automatically change their price to be a bit cheaper or more expensive than the competition. In this case, there has mainly been only one seller involved, so I can only assume that somehow they are outpricing themselves. I’m almost too scared to check the price in case I accidentally click on the ‘buy’ button!”

 The One to One Toolkit, co written with Ann Reynolds has been popular since 2008, and is widely used by career advisers, coaches and mentors. “I’ve already had some folk that own the book say how pleased they are with their investment! They also seem to think I will be rich if the book sells – but of course it is not me that is selling it. I doubt the seller even has a copy. They’ll probably buy a copy through the trade if they get an order and I’ll get about £1.50!”The one to one toolkit

Julie is also keeping a close eye on the listing for Face to Face in the Workplace, her other book.  “One seller is listing it at £110, which at over five times the usual price is far too expensive, but nothing  like as ridiculous as The One to One Toolkit”

Does Julie have any advice for book buyers? “ Obviously there is no need to pay a huge amount over the normal price for a book that is readily available and still in print. Also be aware that cheapest isn’t always the best deal.  Many unscrupulous book sellers say they have stock but won’t actually order it until you have paid – which means you could be waiting a long time, or could get a  ‘sorry, we thought we had but we’ve lost it’ email, which is surprisingly common”

Meanwhile, the price continues to rise…

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Friday 20 June 2014



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