Autism: to label, or not to label?

If you have a child with autism, have you thought about the impact of giving them that label? here is author Bebe Boyes’ view:

“I believe a diagnosis brings a label, a label brings assumptions
. A label brings stigma and a label can get in the way of actually working with the individual things that are challenging for that particular child.

To this day when we talk about his anger, we talk about what makes him angry, what I can do to help; we do not talk about the label of anger management issues linked to autism.

When we talk about his anxiety we talk about what worries him and some solutions; we do not talk about a label.

When we talk about eating, we talk about what stresses him and what I can do to make it better; we do not talk about a label.

When we talk about going somewhere, we talk about it in minute detail to help James feel more comfortable; we do not talk about a label.”

Flourishing paperbackstanding2This is an extract from Flourishing Across the Spectrum: the handbook on raising a child with autism.  You will find further segments of the book available for free download, as well as Kindle and paperback versions to buy.

Please do pass this on to anyone you know who is involved with autism- not only parents, also teachers and family workers – who will find this a useful, practical guide. Bebe Boyes offers a range of training ans support. She can be contacted at

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