Lisa Cherry quotes on connection: “I seek to tell the untold stories”

I seek to tell storiesLisa Cherry, Author of Steering the Mothership,  has had words  from her book selected to be used as Daily Quotes by Connected Baby:

“The past two decades of scientific study has seen an explosion in our understanding of how human brains develop and function. We now understand just how crucial relationships are for human health, happiness, and well-being.

Connected baby‘s aims are to help people understand that science, to spread its message, and especially to create more connection in our everyday lives”.

Steering the Mothership is winning acclaim in many places:

“…an autobiographical masterpiece that explains the trials and tribulations of motherhood.”

“I feel an urge to share and recommend this book to anyone who has ever been a mother or had an unconventional experience with their mother.”

“It is a captivating read, on occasions a traumatic read but most of all an insightful and inspiring read. I would highly recommend it to anyone: to mothers of all ages; to those who support children and families; to anyone who is on the road to recovery… fact to anyone”

Lisa says:

Lisa Cherry Spring Publishing“When Dr Suzanne Zeedyk asked me whether she could use some quotes from my book Steering The Mothership: The Complexities of Mothering, I was so excited.  I met Suzanne at a conference we were both speaking at in Glasgow for Reattach Parenting a while ago and when we hugged at the end, I knew I had met a special person who I hoped I would meet again.

Connected Baby is her latest addition to many years of work on connection – my favourite subject!”


You can get free chapters from Steering the Mothership: The Complexities of Mothering here


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